Baron George Anson Byron

Daring, romantic, fierce and loyal, George "the braided stalk" is the man all the marines want to be like.


Guts: 1
Discipline: 2
Influence: 5
Charm: 5

Awareness: 1
Command: 3
Courtesy: 4
Diplomacy: 1
First Aid:
Gambling: 1 (2)
Intimidate: 2
Intrigue: 1
Maritime: 1 (
Music: 1
Romance: 7 (+1, +2)
Scavenge: 1
Seamanship: 1
The Arts: 2

Weapons skills:
Sword: (+1, +1)

Wealth: 1

Heart breaker
Fair of face
Silver Tongue
Strong Swordarm

Joseph Swetnam’s rapier
East India Trading Co. Capatin’s telescope
Trick cards


From the moment of birth with the famous carouser and poet Lord Byron (6th) as a cousin George felt destined from fame and glory – his would be the hand that guided the reins on the glorious chariot of peace and civility, Great Britain and her dominions. His cousin was an inspirational figure, a leading light in the murky world of politics, yet George, in his youthful and reckless manner, took after his grandfather – Baron John Byron, a young officer and explorer who had lead the HMS Dolphin on the shortest recorded circumnavigation of the world.

Being a very rambunctious child, he did not take to schooling nor his father’s attempt to curb his enthusiasm for young ladies when he was sent at age 19 to a monastery. George learnt the necessary answers for his exams and dabbled in music to woo ladies whilst at functions yet he found, when he reviewed his life at 22, he could not afford to live his life as he did without some financial aid – his gambling debts and shopping expenses were too high for even his father to pay.

With no other talents than his natural charisma, he joined the Royal Navy as a volunteer. As a parting gift, his father and mother gave him the rapier of Joseph Swetnam – it was still perfectly balanced and oiled despite its age. Whilst on his first voyage (after Naval officer academy), George practised with the weapon – attracted to the fanciful dreams of swashbuckling men with rapiers, diving over the gun rails of the ships to board. He felt at ease for the first time in his life, yet the camaraderie of the marines and the shore breaks with exotic women did not sate his thirst for even greater conquests.

However, even though the marines felt that George was one of them at the same time the more reasonable officers in the ward room were becoming more alienated. On George’s second term of service in the Mediterranean George was invited to a ball and banquet of the officers at Malta – where the Admiral Alexander Ball was based. Obviously the newer officers did not know George well enough, as he rapidly became the most favoured ‘companion’ of Lady Ball. For her lover the Lady bought him a fine telescope to aid him on his adventures – so that he may return whole. Unluckily, George did not manage to get away with the affair for very long, he was caught in the act and had to be chased out of the palace and onto the ship with no shirt on.

Though chastised and demoted in rank, George managed to forget his troubles with a certain Senora Alyssa in Caracas. There he spent the last of his year’s reduced wages to buy some effective trick cards to help him to gamble back his losses. This did not happen. After a few weeks of shore leave George was threatened by some very persuasive money lenders and had to cut the ropes of the ship to the dock and once again, force the ship to sail.

Idolized by the marines of the HMS ******* – 1
Distrusted by the ward room officers of HMS ******* – 1
Longed for by Lady Ball – 1
Loved by Senora Alyssa – 1
Hated by Admiral Alexander Ball – 1
Hunted by moneylenders Mrytle & Co. – 1

Baron George Anson Byron

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